July 21st, 2008


paint, snip, sew

The one thing I remember about my dream last night was that I decided my hair was too heavy and so I had it chopped off to a very short bob. I remember liking not having to deal with the weight of a ponytail and enjoying the breezes on my neck. Since I don't visualize well, I remember the feel rather than how I think it looked.
I woke up with the same amount of hair as I went to sleep with (more or less) and didn't really want to do anything with it this morning. Perhaps I should buy a bob wig to play with...


I finished re-painting Alan's war standard this weekend, and it has been heat set (within an inch of its life), rinsed and is hanging up to dry in the hall bath. (BTW, to my guests, my sincere apologies to you all for the state of that bathroom. We don't use it much, so on first glance it was fine, but now I am appalled at my lack of hospitality and beg you all for forgiveness. Apparently I only notice these things when on my knees rinsing out the banner in the tub.) It rinsed well, but the bleed parts I had carefully ironed around so as not to heat set were actually heat set when I tossed it in the dryer for a bit. Duh! So, um, yeah, there are still the bled parts on the banner, but hopefully at 20 feet up you won't be able to tell. sigh.

Onto the hemming portion next.

But in between banner phases, I was able to catch up on some sewing. Listen, I had started hand sewing a 16th cent. high-necked smock in April 2007 before Landing Days and entered it and its pieces into the Crown A&S display that Valharic and Arielle requested of fighters and consorts. I even posted some in progress pictures up on Flickr back in May '07 or something. I've been toting this thing almost everywhere to work on it, but since I always take more than one project, it has been ignored in lieu of knitting or embroidery or, well, almost anything but it. It isn't even finished but is already stained from taking in places, that I hope I can get out in the laundry. Well I started taking it to practice on Tuesdays as my thing to work on, as knitting with wool outdoors in the 90's was a bit much. Finally, this weekend, I finished the last long seam, attached the cuffs, and am half way done hemming it. Over a year later I hope to be able to wear it at Pennsic. :)