July 22nd, 2008


Pennsic meme

The Questions:
1) What is one of your favorite things to do alone at Pennsic?
Nap. Assuming it is not too hot, and sometimes when it is, I like to sleep in late or catch an afternoon nap. Pennsic is so busy that a precious nap is nice every now and then.

2) What is one of your favorite things to do with a group at Pennsic?
Breakfast in the common tent. No matter what time you rise, there is usually a small group of folks there, some are beyond breakfast and working on projects, some are just hanging out, but it is a friendly informal time in camp to watch the people walking by on Battle Rd. If you hear giggling coming from our common tent, I assure you, it's not aimed at you. :)

3) What is one of your best Pennsic Memories?
One of the times Alan and I were both able to go for two weeks we took a nice stroll around the lake close to dusk. It was light enough to see things, but dusky enough to have a bit of magic before nighttime mayhem set in, and romantic to be hand in hand with my sweetie.

4) What is one of your weirdest Pennsic Memories?
At one of Seonaid's Long Island Ice Tea parties, Countess Brigit was painting faces of anyone who would sit still, so I got something blue and sparkly painted on my face fairly early on. After some hanging with Theo and folks, Brighid (Big Hats) wanted to go into the bog, so I went with her and we had a grand time traipsing about visiting the Kinder Fodder camp, etc. (I remember hushing her when she started to use my title...) I finally walked her extremely inebriated self to her camp and made sure she was okay, and then I hiked my way out of the bog alone that night, swinging back by the Tea Party to see if anyone was still up and then home to crawl into bed. (Do not recommend this anymore, the alone out of the bog part.) I woke up the next morning, stumbled to the portajohns and puck_eater said something about having toothpaste on my face. I wanted to hit him, might have, and went to wash my face and continue on with the rest of the war.

5) What was your first Pennsic?
Pennsic 25 was my first War. I've been disappointed in the following medallions ever since.

6) How many/which Pennsics have you attended?
12 Pennsics so far- 25 (first), 26 (Bera's reign), 27 (the dreaded NATO encampment), 28 (Niobe's reign, Alan seneschal), 29 (joined Vair and Ermine), 30 (Princess Aryanna), 31 (Pelican Princess Padraigin), 32 (Cursed Trailer), 33 (the original Bunk Haus), 34 (Roman wear, Dred's vigil), 35 (last minute camp mom), and 36 (Arielle's reign).

7) What keeps you going back to Pennsic?
Friends, shopping, experiences. I keep saying that I'll take a year off, but haven't yet. Sometimes it is obligation to go and work the various areas I promised, which do always end up being fun and giving me excellent stories, and learning experiences. I like our camp, the people we surround ourselves with, the way we run things, the many opportunities to relax, serve and grow, all rolled into one (or two) intense weeks.

8) Are you going to Pennsic this year?
Totally, I'm Vair and Ermine's camp mom this year.

9) What group/block do you usually camp in?
Since Pennsic 29, we've been with Vair and Ermine in N18.

10) What three words would you use to describe Pennsic?
Theater, not drama.