July 24th, 2008


(no subject)

- Home sick today, barely got out of bed, made it to work for an hour to retrieve my laptop and help some folks, Dr. appt, pharmacy for drugs, soon heading back to bed. Plz be gone tomorrow, haz packing and land grabbing to do.

-Theoretically packing the trailer tonight. Must dig common stuff out of basement prior to heading over to puzzle the trailer out.

-Banner pole did not survive storm in our area last night. Fell over in the wind/rain, but is unharmed. Short stakes and newly rain-swollen ropes to blame. To be fair, it was quite a storm, though no loss of power. Alan and I probably could have set-it back up last night, but we weren't communicating well (I blame my addled brain) so dropped it safely (ie: off the fence, not into the house, flat on the ground) and went to bed.

-Not much progress on hemming the standard yet. :( Did laundry and a bit of pink fingerloop braiding instead last night, after nap.

-Unprecedented fourth lotus bud blooming today. Is very pretty. Smells lovely, if you stick your nose right in it. teh pink makes me happiez.