July 27th, 2008


Land Grab 37

Made it to Land Grab and home again. On the whole it seemed to be smoother this year, and I even got time for a nap once all the tents were in the air and folks set to unpacking their personal stuff. We even got to dinner sooner than normal and weathered the storms just fine. This morning the common tent was set-up, decorated, and some final details settled like staking down the barracks walls, putting up the sheet walls, painting on the ground for the remaining tents, and visiting with friends. The weather ( Saturday night rain storm aside) is lovely, 70's to low 80's. In fact it was 82 degrees this afternoon when we left to come back home. I was kicking the ground like a sulky child to have to leave such a fine set-up to come back home and work for four more days. Only not having any garb with me made me finally crawl in the truck to come back home. I did at least get a shower before coming home to approve the plumbing. :)

Pictures of Vair and Ermine from this weekend:

Oh, and pictures of our fourth lotus bloom: