July 29th, 2008


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Taking a quick break from work.

-Alan's war standard has finally achieved hemmed status as of last night. I had started out attempting to hand sew it, but I took out those stitches and just did it on the machine since a) some others were machine sewn b) you won't be able to tell at 28 feet, and c) it's the screwed up one anyway, so I'll contemplate hand sewing the second one. It is ironed, hemmed, ties sewn on, and folded and ready to go back to war.

-I went through my fabric stash to see what I had that would make a good pink Roman outfit. Sadly I don't have the perfect shade of pink, but I found some cotton/linen blend fabric that should do and is pink, if not PINK!

-I did a little bit more fingerloop braiding last night while watching MASH on TV Land.

-I've got a killer headache and desperately want a nap, but this afternoon is hands on with Wimba for the faculty attending the Summer Institute, so must take more IBU, put on the happy face and go back to work.

-Have to run by the chiropractor, Michael's, grocery store, and perhaps contemplate packing garb and accessories tonight. I'm thinking more and more that I want to head back Thursday night.