July 31st, 2008


calendar appropos

My July calendar image from Despair.com was Pressure.

My August calendar image is Tradition.

Given Pennsic prep, land grab, and Pennsic...

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Which calendar image is the most appropriate?

Pressure for July
Tradition for August
They are both perfect!
I do not understand the context. What pressure and tradition?

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Had hoped to head back to war tonight. Am sick instead. I napped for 3 hours after work and am not far from bed at the moment. Feverish, cough, sniffles, etc.  I hope to get on the road back to Pennsic tomorrow morning, but still need to pack garb, accessories, coolers, etc. At least I only need to attach the buttons to the new pink Roman tunica for Monday wear. It makes me smile.

One good thing about not being at war this week is the ability to watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. chomp.

Hope to see folks at the War, and online when I return.