August 11th, 2008


Pennsic in pictures

Save the pink fabric I bought at war, the last load of laundry is done, and needs putting away. Some progress is better than none.

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This was an excellent war, even if low-key for me. My first few days were relaxed, and spent mostly in camp trying to shake off the rest of the sickness. I spent a lot of time in camp fingerloop braiding pink strings to hand out to those fighters in the Free Scholar Charity tournament who donated above the minimum. I made 41 cords, and gave the extras to kids in camp, and such. I was glad to see folks wearing them the rest of the war. At last count $645 was raised for the Susan G Komen Foundation, which was very gratifying.

I spent more than a little time on the field MOLing. The Charity Tourney hosted 28 fighters and raised quite a sum. Giacomo was the runner up, and Wistric was the winner overall. The Youth Rapier Tournament had 7 participants, 4 over the age of 15, and 3 below. 31 teams, a total of 154 fighters, participated in the Atlantian 5 Man Melee Tournament on Wednesday morning, with Team Caer Mear victorious upon the field. And finally I assisted with the Atlantia-Aethelmearc Youth Rattan Tourney, running the Division 3 field. There were 9 teams of 5 fighters, so 45 fighters total between the ages of 14-17. Alas I screwed up the pairings at some point, didn't get the memo about the time constraint, and well, it wasn't my best day. The kids seemed to have a good time for the most part, which is ultimately the most important, and Scatamoosh was the undefeated winner overall.

Some of my time was spent working on the embroidery for Catherine Grace's laurel shawl, and planning for her vigil and elevation. I think I could have done better on the embroidery, except that much of it was done by pumpkin-light, and the wool, while gorgeous, was very unlike the evenweave linen I had previously done those stitches on. We were very glad to be part of making her vigil and elevation special and memorable for a very deserving lady.

I finally got to do shopping on the last day and picked up a new hairstick, a book on the collections in the Isabella Stewart Gardner musuem, some silk embroidery floss, lots of pink linen in three different shades, and some coral and glass beads to make a little paternoster.

It a was fun, hectic, inspiring, and entertaining week.