August 12th, 2008

Angry Bubbles

Insult of the war

So, one of my less than fond memories from Pennsic is the stranger who said "I see you are now working on your next project..." pointing to my abdomen.
Stunned and confused for a second, I was left to reply only with "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat."

First of all, I was wearing an Italian gamurra with an apron on. Pic. Hello, high-waisted style with pleated skirt.
Second of all, who says that?!?!  To a stranger?@!? Unless the lady has announced that she is pregnant or you see the baby crowning, never congratulate a fat chick on being pregnant. sigh.

So, did you get insulted out of the blue at the war and wanna share? (This is a category I sincerely hope I am alone in, except the human race is, well, the human race.) You seriously have my sympathy.

I mean, aside from the Royalty who allied with the East at Opening Ceremonies...