August 20th, 2008


SO not with it...

An obvious sign of being in need of a massage is missing your massage appointment because you are too busy at work to spit.
Third day in a row staying a bit late at work. Third day in a row of firefighting all morning and trying to recover and get ahead of the curve in the afternoon. It's nice that our faculty are working harder to get a jump start on the semester, but this week I'd love to get a breather.
I had to call the salon after 5 and apologize profusely for my insanity and reschedule for later.

I meant to go to practice and be social last night, but holed up in the basement with Mists of Avalon instead. Just too rung out to leave the house once finally home.

Alan's birthday was on Monday, but we celebrated on Saturday instead. I treated him to brunch of cheesy eggs and sausages, a massage with Wendy OTMH (see, massage was even still fresh on my brain!), lunch at the Victoria Gastro Pub, and then we did dinner out with the Morgensterns at Ray's the Classics in downtown Silver Spring. The food was all delicious, especially the milk chocolate mousse for dessert which had a distinct original Pennsic Chocolate Milk flavor to it, which was awesome.

Sunday we finally got around to unloading the trailer and rinsing off the tarps from war. Then Tara came over and we worked on a Viking coat/caftan for her for Coronation. We got the coat cut and sewn out of her navy blue wool in under two hours. Then I spent another two hours (or so it felt) trying to make the trimming work until Tara called it a day and said we'd meet with fresh eyes Monday night. While it took longer than I had hoped, we did finish the machine sewing of the trim/lining on Monday in 3 hours and it looks pretty cool so far, I think.  She still needs to do the hand sewing and the cuffs, but the challenge of the neckline is done at least. (It was killing me that it took me so long to grok it!)

I still haven't solidified plans for this weekend, but it will roughly involve driving the trailer to Two Dog Hill on Friday night, after depositing the trailer, driving to Danville for a memorial service for a family friend on Saturday, hanging with the family and heading back home on Sunday. It will be lovely to see family, but the even minimal planning is killing my brain at the moment.

And I think I'm still suffering from this bug that seems to want to plague me forever. Makes me want to shave my head to get cool, excpet that I spent good money on a hair stick recently.

At least the Project Runway Drag Queen challege was totally made of awesome.