August 25th, 2008


a delusional mind

I was feeling so poorly that I blew off heading down to Danville, VA for a weekend of family and family-friends. First I tried to go to bed early in hopes of getting up early and getting on the road. Yeah, not really. I did sleep for 11 hours though. I took a nap on Saturday and skipped Violence and BBQ up at the Toscano's in lieu of bonding with the couch, napping more, watching random movies on TV (Enchanted, Happily N'Ever After, Gridiron Gang, last part of To Wong Foo...) and in general just being a bum. I slept another 11 hours on Saturday night, and did more of the same on Sunday. The list of things I accomplished is pitifully small; ironing Alan's clean falling bands, finishing the conversion of an old skirt from back closure to front closure, tidying up a bit in the den, putting shoes away from Pennsic, a nice soaking bath. Terrible really.

The non-sucky parts of the weekend were having Kirsten-company for those portions of Friday night and Sat morning that I was awake, getting rid of the KWAR2005 t-shirts that were languishing in my basement, snuggling with my sweetie, and a cool dream that left me with a vivid image.

First of all, I'm not a terribly visual person. It's mostly helpful in that all the gross commentary etc doesn't bother me one  bit, and gross imagry doesn't stick in my brain. So when I get a visual, it's pretty rare, and pretty strong. The one thing I clearly remember from the dream (aside from trying to fill out scrolls in peace, directing folks to court and no one believing me, and dealing with piles of pillows and cloaks) is that Isobel was in Viking. She wasn't just in a T-tunic meeting the spirit of the day, attack_laurel was in an ivory pleated silk underdress (Birka style) with a fitted red wool apron on with lovely embroidery, brooches and tasteful jewelry. She was striking and lovely and perfectly period and it is now seared in my brain. Y'know, perhaps I was thinking of lisettelaroux instead. Someone, get pictures or Lisette at Coronation, please.

So, a chat on the phone with Dr. Mom says my ick sounds like allergies. Allergies?!?! That's some pretty severe allergies. sigh. Perhaps I need a DR appt tomorrow.
hack- cough