August 27th, 2008



After we used Metro Bath and discovered that others used them with favorable results, I figured I'd ask first this time.

We're in need of recommendations for a kitchen cabinet remodeling. Yes, I know, we don't use our kitchen except for parties, but our cabinets are in dire need of an upgrade (resurfacing or replacing) and we'd like to add a few drawers to some of the lower cabinets, etc. So, any recommendations for companies/contractors in the DC Metro/Silver Spring area? We've got one rough estimate from Home Depot, but I don't remember being thrilled with the options at the time.

Our floors and appliances are fine, we have no complaints about our countertops (they are good enough for us) but we need new cabinet doors and surfaces, hardware, etc.

So, any recommendations out there?
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oh look, a substantive entry

I'd like to remind myself that taking the hemming of the navy petticoat to the last Tuesday night practice outdoors will limit my productivity as the sun sets earlier than 9pm, especially when overcast. Perhaps the yellow knitting would have been a better project idea. You'd think I would have learned this from the hemming of Roland's daggy hood, yellow by daylight, purple by candlelight was brutal. Eh, at least I got it started.

My black cotton/linen petticoat that was my first bit of cartridge pleating ever has now been successfully converted from a back closing petticoat to a front closing petticoat. Note, back closing petticoats are a pain. Apparently I sewed on those hooks and eyes for life as I was only able to remove the hooks and those eyes are stuck on. It is nice to have a garment that I made back in 1997 still be functional and made well enough for me not to be ashamed of it 11 years later.

Despite inspiration from Pennsic and conversations, etc., I am committed to slowly working through my little unfinished projects before starting on something new. I should gather a mend pile as well. I know there are a few items in need of buttons, and mendy bits that I noticed before war and in the great laundry task after-war.
So I need to:
  • finish re-hemming the navy petticoat
  • finish tacking in the lining on a blue square-necked doublet
  • make a few more cloth buttons for the brown wool doublet
  • sew button holes and buttons on brown wool doublet
  • do the hand sewing on a couple of plain coifs and forehead clothes
  • finish hemp boned pair of bodies, lacing holes on second side and edges
that looks like an ambitious enough list so far...
I should take pictures of my finally finished shift and the converted petticoat closure for posterity.