September 1st, 2008



Home now.

Demolition was lots of fun busting stuff up. Kit's Crew destroyed the porch roof, much of the concrete porch, an extraneous chimney and got a start on removing the extra sistered rafters for the now non-existent porch and spacers.
-Saturday morning was removal of the porch roof in chunks. That afternoon was dedicated to cleaning up some of the removed roof materials and starting the jack-hammering and sledge-hammering of the concrete.
-Sunday was more concrete demolition and chimney destruction. I spent all day moving broken debris to the dumpster, busted up concrete and then the chimney debris pile.
-Today I got to try the jack-hammer, and then handed it back to Alan. Conceptually fun, but murder on my lower back. So I then moved more debris and helped knock out 4 of the sistered rafters and spacers before quitting for lunch and collapse.

I forgot my camera, so all 70 demolition photos loaded to my flickr account, including women operating the jackhammer, are from Corby's older camera. Pictures were also taken with the other camera, but I couldn't read the files from the card, so hopefully Corby will load those sometime this week with the cable he left at work.

The camera wasn't the only thing I forgot at home. I left my work gloves and baseball cap, sunscreen, and--- antibiotics. Luckily enough pleading with the local CVS pharmacist and I got enough to cover me for the weekend so I only missed one pill. hooray.

I think I've worn more socks this weekend than i did all Summer. So we have loads of laundry covered in concrete and dry wall dust, and the laundry is proving to be quite an achy experience what with the bending over to sort the loads, load the washer, load the dryer, and then the hands tired from picking up chunks of concrete need to pick up and fold clothes. sigh. I'm sure it builds character.