September 4th, 2008


Red - I feel my soul on fire...

Just got back from seeing Les Mis at Wolf Trap with the Weese's and Morgenstern's.
Wow, was that an amazing production. It was so wonderful to be wrapped up in the play on the stage, of course the music helps, but there were tears of sadness and awe. There are few dates left, but if you have the time and inclination, I highly recommend a viewing.

Many ineloquent thoughts are running through my head about the evening. But to sum it up, it was very refreshing.
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The Good: Les Mis (obviously!), Corby's time lapse movie of the porch demolition, and that last weekend I also finished re-hemming my navy blue petticoat up so it won't drag when next worn. Now to work further down my list...

The Bad: I joked that I wore my purple sweater-dress to match my bruises yesterday. I've got a bruise on my ankle from when I hit myself with projectile 2x4 as I was destroying a roof section with a big hammer. I've also got an inexplicable bruise on my right index finger. I haven't tried knitting or sewing with it lately to even see if it is possible, hoping rest will help.

The Ugly: Originally I was going to say my scratched up arms (roofing shingle scratches look an awful lot like the results of bathing a cat), but I'll have to defer to politics. I've been trying to avoid both conventions, thankyouverymuch. BTW, choosing a conservative woman for VP still isn't getting my vote. Yes, the sound bites I heard of her speech yesterday were witty, but talk is talk. Also in the ugly category is the weather. I'm sorry Coronation has to be canceled, I had hoped for sunshine on Saturday for canvas cleaning, but instead it looks like I'll have to drag Alan out to Lowes and/or Bray and Scarff to look at other kitchen options. Actually doing shopping in advance this time. What a concept. I guess our kitchen cabinets qualify for the ugly category too.

Was up too late last night since I was too keyed up after Les Mis to go immediately to bed. Tonight and tomorrow night we have two companies coming to our house to give us a presentation/quote on our kitchen. I don't plan on any rearranging, other than drawers down below would be nice. We had hoped to get away with refacing, but replacing might be the better option, but then we have to consider counter-tops, which we had not so far. Quartz, Corian, solid surface? Hooray for Consumer Reports Kitchen issue. Luckily the flooring and appliances are all fine. Oh, must remember to budget to replace the tacky mushroom ceiling lights.