September 8th, 2008


a weekend of searching

I saw another little mousie on Saturday night, put out the live trap with cheerios instead of peanut butter and caught the little poo-machine (and no ants) on Sunday morning. Had yet another long chat with the tiny rodent on the walk to release it far from home. Set out the trap again, but have not seen or captured another mouse. sigh. Cute little feet and twitchy whiskers with large ears that poo and pee indiscriminently.

We've had meetings with a variety of kitchen contractors (Thurs, Fri, and tonight) and explored cheaper options too (Lowe's and Costco). So far we are happiest with the cabinets we found at Lowe's, in the style and color we want, nice price and quality, can then afford better counter-tops. I've also been distracted by looking at new lights, for the kitchen, for our hallways, and for the front of the house. Shopping is fun, deciding is tough.

My eyes have been very irritated today. I've been hitting the eye-drops like a seasoned stoner. I blame the house cleaning we did this weekend. Vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, windows, floors, sinks, cleaning up my mail-avalanche. I think the stirred up dust and chemicals have been less than kind to my allergies. But the house looks so much better. I even accomplished a little sewing on the unfinished blue scoop neck doublet. Sleeves closer to done. Not sure what to do for the front closure.

Headed to Plimoth this weekend. Will be fun, and get to see some of gold work in person. A little too tired at the moment to get too excited, but I'm sure that will pass and proximity to embroidery and fun will stir excitement. Perhaps I can get more colors of the GST from Tricia... ohh...