September 16th, 2008


Plimoth Project Progress in Pictures

I like seeing the back of the jacket during the different sessions to really be able to track the progress. On that first session I was really beginning to think they were nuts. But now, a year and some change later there is less and less silk embroidery left to be done on the jacket. I know I almost finished out the Gilt Sylke Twist work on the left side, with only a few trefoils and butterfly wings left to do, other than the detached pieces. Soon it will be turned over to the pros for the coiling plaited braid stitch, and we'll be attaching spangles/oes in no time.

Jacket pictorial progress
607plimoth 138 1007plimoth 036 0107-ma-2 294
June '07 October '07 January '08
508mfa-plimoth 316 908-plimoth 065
May '08 September '08

My progress, with more pictures

We had a blast at these four days of embroidery. I started off with the Soie Perle in working the wings on a butterfly on the Left Front Side. Then I moved onto the Borage that needed to be done, and filled in the empty borage petal that was left undone. I spent the rest of the session working in the ceylon stitch on little green bits on the borages and half a pansy, as well as worms both plain and fancy.

The borage that I've done all the work on so far. I decided to leave the trellis stitch in the middle for someone a little more practiced, and spend my time on the ceylon that I do reasonably well.

908-plimoth 042

The back of some embroidery shows how the stitches maximize the more valuable silk and glitter thread on the front and waste little on the back. Since the jacket will be fully lined the back won't be seen when assembled, but the ends need to be secure so they don't work their way out.

908-plimoth 036

My fancy worm that I simply can't get enough of. But then, I've always been a sucker for redheads.

908-plimoth 057

And finally the first fully completed piece of the jacket, the collar. Wendy says this means that 4% of the jacket is entirely complete. baby-steps.

908-plimoth 010