September 22nd, 2008

chi chi chi


So, contrary to my statement to finish those unfinished projects before starting something new, I've buckled. After our last Plimoth session, and the acquisition of more GST colors, I was inspired to embroider a little sample to both show off the colors and sparkle. I took inspiration and tracings from Extreme Patterns' Arabella coif pattern, and designed a little 3x3" (which I reduced to a 2x2") pin cushion of folded pansies, a thistle bud, a "plain" worm and a bee (from a nightcap in the MFA). The worm is done, and I can't wait to try the bee with the black GST. Drew it out on Wednesday, played a bit with the embroidery this week and weekend and hope to finish it up soon. I think it's very cute. Will post in progress pictures when complete.

Sunday Alan and I decided to take a nice walk in the pleasant weather. We saw chipmunks, squirrels, a bunny, and more than a few deer. One deer crossed the path slowly and disappeared into the woods, but then we saw practically a herd of deer (5?) in the woods by a stream drinking and nibbling on grass. They were all very cute, and I told them to stay in the woods and off the roads, but a bit too tame. As we moved on down the path, I said to Alan in my best Marissa Tomei accent, "So, you're a dee-ah..."

Sadly the walk was longer than I had planned and I wasn't wearing the best shoes. Our little half hour walk ended up being over an hour over more hilly terrain, and I was able to discover exactly how out of shape I am. Now my hips/quads are very sore, so I've been stretching them periodically. And my feet have a few blisters on the balls of my feet. Thank goodness for my Dearfoam slippers so I can mosey about the house in relative comfort. Man, work shoes were murder today, and I was even wearing Naturlizer flats. sigh.

To top it off, this morning I wake up to a Blue Heron in our backyard. dammit. It looked to be immature, smaller and speckled on the breast, but took a few tries to chase away. First I just opened the sliding glass door, then I had to actually yell at it, and finally I had to yell and clap from the bathroom window. Stupid bird. I thought of digging out the bird netting, but couldn't be late, so I just added some more water to the pond to give the fish room to maneuver and was vigilant as I was getting ready for work. I didn't see it about on nearby roofs or anywhere when I left. I'm hoping that if the heron did try for the pond that Bubba and the other big fish bitchslapped it into next spring.