September 25th, 2008

pink squirrel

"wildlife" follow-up

Have not seen a return of the Blue Heron. Hopefully it was just a fluke and we won't really have to worry about them until Winter. Then I took a closer look at the fish when feeding them last night, and man are they huge. I need to lay the yardstick on the edge of the pond and try to catch them on film at feeding time some time. That puny heron wouldn't have stood a chance. :)

My tootsies are feeling better now. Blisters have gone away, although I did sink to wearing flip flops for the foamy cushiony goodness on Tuesday. My legs are feeling better, especially the outsides of my ankles/calves that I strained from walking funny on Monday to avoid walking on my blisters. That was stoopid. Heating pad and rest helped.

Still need to finish the little sample embroidery. I'm stuck on what to do for the vine given the materials I have on hand. Do I compromise and just use the Isabella in the Ceylon stitch for the vine? Do I dig out the gold from a kit we got from Tricia back in June '07? Do I try that gold in the ceylon, or dig up plaited braid instructions? Do I break down and order the sanctioned plaited braid instructions online? sigh...

I haven't been to an event since Pennsic and am lacking in motivation for Lochmere this weekend, though it will be fun and wonderful once there. Totally dayu-tripping it. BTW, is anyone booked to crash with us that I forgot about? We think the bedrooms are not booked for the weekend.