September 28th, 2008



Finished my little 2"x2" sample embroidered pincushion top. I still need to decide if I'm going to add any spangles to it before sewing the backing and stuffing it. Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, though I'll definitely do the vine work differently. I was impatient and used the stitch I knew rather than taking the time to learn something new.
908-pincushion 017
More pictures of it in-progress are available in my Projects set on Flickr.

We went to Lochmere's 20th Baronial Birthday on Saturday for a few hours to brave the rain and hang out with friends. My feet were wet and muddy, but the temperature was mild, and the company was amazing. I got to chat with those from far (Tamma and Terry) and near (Mikey and Tara), and work on my second sock of the stockings I've been knitting since Feb. I also informally officially took gabrell  has my protege. He truly has the heart for service, as witnessed by him constantly braving the rain to check in to see if Her Majesty needed anything, helping out with the cards for the rapier tournament, and doing whatever was needed. I have every faith in him, and only hope I can be a good mentor and example.  We'll do something more official when I get a belt woven for him and we can get the household together for it, so I gave him my favorite yellow sprang bag as a placeholder.

We spent Saturday night up visiting with the Toscano's for dinner and conversation. I got a good dose of beagle love from Pearl and Boogaloo, did some more knitting, and pawing through Sandy's Dress in Ireland book. Sandy fed us some tasty pot roast, and we had Craig and Frances for company for the evening, and a great time was had by all.

Sunday morning, after a good long session of sleeping in, I randomly decided to document and archive the fridge-art. It was really about time, there was no room for any new incoming photos, and soon I'd have to clear it whenever we get to the scheduling and installing of the new kitchen cabinets so nothing gets lost or destroyed.
Here is the fridge in the before state:
908-fridge 006
I made sure to take close-ups of the front top and bottom, as well as the left and right sides before I cleared, cleaned, put the photos and postcards away in a photo album, and rearranged the magnets back on the fridge.

While I was cleaning off the fridge, theodorad  calls to see if Alan has time to spend with halowenslut  playing with swords in the backyard. She also invited us over for dinner for pot roast. After I was done laughing, I cheerfully accepted the dinner offer since I'm not too good to refuse Theo's cooking, ever, and know it would be different but equally as tasty. And so another fine evening was spent in the company of friends, joined also by Tara, Bess, Schecky and Ziggy. My belly is full of yummy home cooked food, and so I must now go to bed.

hmm... nom nom nom