September 30th, 2008


the homefront

Last night we settled on a new kitchen. What a wonderful relief to have come to a decision. I did take a few pictures of the sample door style, color, countertop sample (WilsonArt solid surfacing), and the sample pulls mainly to remind me what the check was for. It was kinda funny how conflicted Alan and I were when it came to the countertops, but how easy it was when given the latest samples. We've decided to go with Long Fence and Home and will report back on the our satisfaction once it is complete. We thought of going several routes, the cheaper one by far would have been Lowes and a contractor, but there is no guarantee if something happens to the stock and during installation. Insurance isn't a bad idea for the biggest latest improvement. Ideally it will be done shortly after Thanksgiving. The sales guy said it won't be done by Turkey Day, but since we'll likely be at Foods and Feasts at Jamestown anyway, that's okay with us.

I also finally got around to calling the chimney sweep, Metro Bath and Tile for the guest bathroom, and the heating company for a new water heater to get those balls rolling. We have an appointment to have our chimney cleaned and barred from further bird nestage tomorrow afternoon. We'll meet up with Metro on the guest bath next week, but will likely need to go over the itemized list to find a way to trim costs. Luckily I started picking at the wallpaper in the guest bath and the pussywillows are peeling off nice and easy. (Anyone who wants a piece, let me know... :) I cleared off around the tub/shower, but will wait until closer to the scheduled demo-date to peel the rest.
At least that is my plan, but I have this compulsion when it comes to peeling wallpaper...
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