October 1st, 2008



Best use of an iPhone in the past 8 hours:
The chimney sweep taking pictures on the roof of the newly installed chimney cap/screen to keep out birds, the terrible cracks in the concrete chimney top, and the resealing of the flashing that is needed to show me why the quote for more work is necessary work. That was useful and awesome. I should have had him email them to me... Though we aren't going up on the roof, so I should just go ahead and discuss the repairs quoted and schedule the next appointment.

Worst use of an iPhone in the past 8 hours:
Someone was on his for work only half an hour after being home until 20 minutes ago. Theo asked me if I get to speak to my sweetie, to which my response was, "I get a kiss in the morning, a kiss after work and one at night before bed." Hopefully this is just a short term thing as his boss's wife had her baby over the weekend thus taking out one more person on the on-call list, and another co-worker requires "maintenance," and they are understaffed to begin with. sigh.

The laundry is done, must fold the last load and then off to bed.