October 3rd, 2008


destruction and politics

So far alchemist_9327  is the only guy to comment on my new hair. I'm guessing the rest are either mourning the loss of long hair, or not tuned in this morning. (What is it with guys and long hair?) For the record, Alan has already taken advantage of the exposed neck a time or two. ;)
Oh, and I was fearing some serious bed-head this morning since I've never had hair this short (in my memory) but luckily it fell right back to place when the hair brush looked at it. Sweet! I have my own share of problems, but good well-behaved hair is truly a blessing.

theodorad  came over to work with Alan on their 20' up class notes, so they worked on content for an hour downstairs watching Hogan's Heroes, while I watched Destroyed in Seconds upstairs. I had the veep debate on the background while I then took my turn at reviewing and making minor edits to the class notes and chatting with the marvelous Theo.

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BTW, I loved this bit on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart from Wed night: