October 6th, 2008


worthy weekend

I had a lovely, if slightly lazy in parts, weekend. Alan, unfortunately, woke up on Friday morning not feeling well at all. We decided to support Green Leader in her class at UofA and skip C'ville MTA on Sunday to "accomplish stuff around the house."

Friday night Alan was not feeling well that I let him nap and go to bed early and I went out to dinner with rolanddem  and theodorad  in downtown Silver Spring at Ceviche' . The food was yummy, though they've discontinued the toasted corn kernel crack they had as the equivalent of chips and salsa that was truly habit forming. I ordered and ate the classis Peruvian ceviche' (Ceviche' at Ceviche'? Say it ain't so Joe) and tried the empanada trio instead of relying on my favorite Aji Gallino creamy chicken dish. We had a great time just hanging out, even if Theo did want to call out to kyneburh  as she felt overrun by the Rolo-Gen brain and lacking in support for the Kyna-Theo-Alan brain. We also discussed UofA and made a plan to carpool to be more gas efficient since they had to take the Suburban for the 10' poles anyway.

UofA was fun, I mostly hung out with friends, played a bit with my knitting, picked up my new cherry slate frame from

spanish_peacock  (drool!) and helped out in the 20' up class as I could. The only class I ended up taking was terrshee 's class on the Nine Worthies, which I thought was wonderful. She focused on a set of nine worthies (3 Pagan, 3 Biblical, and 3 Christian) but mentioned others and had three pages of a bibliography. It was interesting to see some of the common characteristics then that are still valid and sought after today. She listed Courtesy, Frankness, Largess, Hardiness, Prowess, and Loyalty. Courtesy wasn't defined and being nice to the lessers and opening doors for ladies, but instead having those courtly (or politically savvy) traits that will get you ahead in the world. Don't (get caught) being a jerk, but also pay attention to the system and play it so that you advance. (Please note that I do not see this inherently as a bad thing, it matters not the worthiness of your cause if your manner will not get folks to listen and side with you.) Frankness wasn't defined as honesty and directness, but breeding and bloodlines. Even today, to some being a Kennedy is a good thing, and to others being a Bush is. Many of the worthies were of good breeding, if not heirs themselves. Largess (rewarding one's followers), Hardiness (determination), Prowess (mad skillz) and Loyalty (willingness to serve, within reason) all ring true in what we'd like to see in our leaders even now. We appreciate those who pull themselves up by their bootstraps to improve their lot in life, as it inspires us to do likewise. Of course we also like to kvetch that our lot is harder and denigrate those pampered trust fund babies in our weaker moments. In a way it is kinda nice to see that some things haven't changed all that much as far as human nature and ideals are concerned. Regardless, the class got me thinking and I guess that's a sign of a good class.

We then had a lovely dinner with theblueleader  and Cyndi at Friday's before getting on the road back home. Many many thanks to Roland and Theo for the ride. It was greatly appreciated. We were pitifully in bed before 10pm and I crashed out solidly. Sadly Alan tossed and turned and coughed, etc. with the incoming sinus infection (not that I was disturbed) so I found him Sunday morning crashed out in the basement. The idea that we'd get stuff done around the house was a nice one, but we ended up napping and being lumps for most of the day. Alan did get the front lawn mowed, and I made lots of progress on the heel of my second sock which gets it much closer to done so I can block them, photo them, and send them up to Plimoth.


Thankfully Alan secured an appointment with his doctor today and went and got needed antibiotics. I swung by the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few essentials, like more chicken noodle soup, before coming home to check on the sickie.