October 10th, 2008


RIP Peter Collingwood

I read in my email this morning that Peter Collingwood shuffled off his mortal coil yesterday.

Non fiber folks probably won't care, and I certainly never had the honor of meeting the man, but wow has his research and teaching made a huge difference. He's the author of the Techniques of Tablet Weaving, the most comprehensive resource on the subject. He's also the author of the Techniques of Sprang, one of the only books out there specifically for this subject. He's written other books on Ply-Split Braiding and Rug Weaving that I don't own. I'd heard that if you ordered a book directly from him he'd automatically autograph it for you. He's contributed so much to our understanding of these techniques, and I am saddened at his loss.

I am at least content to know that he was 86, and that his passing was peaceful and in his workshop.
Wouldn't we all love for our last minutes to be spent surrounded by our passions?