October 13th, 2008


weekend update

mmm.. chicken noodle soup for dinner. I thought I was managing to fight Alan's sinus infection fairly well, until I woke up this morning. Coughing last night, sniffling all day today, coughing when I spoke today, feverish. sigh. Has doctor appointment tomorrow morning, thankfully.

Had a nice relaxing weekend trying to rest up at home. I was able to sleep in, which was lovely, as well as work on some small projects. I accomplished laundry, finished tacking in the lining on the blue square-necked doublet, sewed the pin cushion backing on, stuffed it with some random unmarked roving, did a little bit of weaving on the edge of the cushion, and had Alan model the socks- which fit him much better me.

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I was sorry to miss War of the Wings, especially Alesia's vigil and elevation to the Order of the Pelican. It is an accolade well deserved for a truly worthy lady.

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