October 17th, 2008



stolen from baskervylle :
When you see this, post a BlackAdder quote in your lj.

"First I'm gonna have a little drinkie, and then I'm gonna execute the whole bloody lot of you!"

I sent Alan off to Mousehole by himself, and he should be at theblueleader 's by now, or soon.

After a long tedious sniffly coughy fairly exhausting day, not to mention the unexplainable intestinal distress at 3am, and a short nap, I decided to stay home, keep my germs away from my friends, keep myself inside and out of the weather, and away from the fire smoke. I know I could probably sleep in and come to the site late, could retreat inside if needed, and I know I'd have fun visiting with friends, but I'm not very good at taking care of myself in social situations. And I still haven't worn my finished hand-sewn shift. *pout* but I think I'm doing the responsible thing by staying home, sleeping in, and trying to take care of myself.

*yawn* Chicken soup in belly, bed is calling...