October 21st, 2008


I'm a pro

I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. -Yay! Pro-America!
It was in Greensboro that I registered to vote as a Democrat. -not so pro-America, huh?

I've worked as a pharmacy clerk, lifeguard, returns/receiving clerk in a warehouse in High Point, pizza delivery driver and as a fast food cashier. (I was dynamite multi-tasking the drive-thru window.) -That sounds fairly Jane-Six Pack, right?
I currently work in higher education in MD. -I'd be hard-pressed to find a McCain supporter on my hallway.

I drive a big ole' American Ford Truck, gas guzzling Explorer. -So American the oil companies love me.
I recycle like a fiend, use re-usable bags when shopping, in my suburban lifestyle. -Ignored by the political campaigns.

I'm not offended at Greensboro being labeled a pro-America place. I'm just a bit upset at the implication that suburbanites and city-dwellers aren't pro-America. I may be pro-choice, pro-healthcare, pro-reasonable-gun-control, pro-alternative energy, but I am also pro-democracy, pro-freedom, and pro-America.