October 22nd, 2008


quick, look busy!

Darnnit! I've got the "Hero of Canton" song stuck in my head. sigh.

My fabric for my Halloween costume arrived yesterday. So stoked, need to wash it (and the rest of the laundry) tonight.
After Alan's "wow" response to the fabric, I asked him what he thought my costume would be.
His response? Something to tweak thornbury ?
Not in the original plan, but you know it can serve two purposes.

I had a good time attending practice last night, since I'm finally feeling okay and motivated to the leave the house for more than just work. I played with my embroidery, talked over options for variations to the pattern, got a peek at attack_laurel 's sketches of patterns and animals and designs from period resources for possible upcoming patterns. I really want a panel piece of all her cute little animal drawings. They make me happy and are totally squeee worthy. I managed to accomplish a few more little bits to the small panel for my MIL, so baby-steps. I also stayed up too late once we got home because I HAD to do this one area that I couldn't remember the stitch instructions for, dammit.

We also finally delivered brian_murray 's uber-extension cord back to him, as well as delivered a pile of Coke Points to the Bob. Got to chat with friends, see Katie out fighting and having fun, and enjoy a good dinner with fine company. I liked the Peruvian Chicken at Friday's. We even were able to have a discussion about politics, seeing the other side, not seeing the other side, what the heck some of our crazy whackadoodle friends think, that woman, and child-raising techniques.

Tonight I've got laundry to do, more embroidery, I'd like to make a quick Costco run, need to run by the post office to mail some belated things out, and we've got a final measurement for our kitchen re-do tonight as well. Hmm... not enough hours.

I've also recently reorganized by Costumes page (my closet vs. not my closet), and my String Arts page (alphabetical order, what a concept), as well as adding a little page on my embroidered pin cushion. wheee...