October 24th, 2008


who needs sleep

The past couple of nights I have not achieved the hours of sleep I'd prefer. Mainly because the past couple of nights have seen Alan arrive home sometime between 11:30pm-12:30am due to work reasons. I'm not the sort of person who calls him every two hours for a progress report, but it is tough to give up and go to bed when he could walk in the door *any minute* now. (Oddly enough when work wakes him up at 3am it doesn't bother me much.)

Wednesday night I accomplished runs by both the post office and Costco, started the laundry, and met with the kitchen guy for final measurements and confirmation of the styles we chose. I then grabbed some dinner, watched ANTM and the new Stylista, worked on the laundry, and a bit of embroidery. I had a fairly productive evening, and even completed the laundry, including costume fabric pre-wash. Alan made it home around the end of the Daily Show and was still on the phone, so we didn't get to bed until after 1am.

Last night I didn't have any errands so I just came directly home, watched various things on tv, took a short nap, and watched more tv, played with Fireworks for my WDYDWYD images, occasionally embroidering a bit. I did eventually break down and call him at 9pm to make sure he was still alive. He arrived home in the middle of the Mythbusters getting drunk, but at least he had been fed dinner at work, unlike the night before. Again, another night up too late (man, I feel old.) His boss plans to work just a normal day today, but we'll not count those chickens till they hatch, shall we?

I've got an errand to run on the way home, and then I think a quick nap. I can't stay up too late tonight since I plan to get up early and drive down to the St. Luke's Artisan's Fair tomorrow. I'm not entering anything, but I can't wait to see what others have done and just hang out with friends in general. Should be lots of fun.