November 1st, 2008


home from dancing

Home from dancing, winding down a bit before I crawl into bed. Had an awesome time with attack_laurel  and lisettelaroux  tonight. Many cool costumes tonight, some predictable, and some lame. At least four "nurses" who look like they failed at controlling arterial spray, dunno if that was planned or happenstance. A couple of fabulous 1920's flappers. Some generi-steam-punks. (You could tell by the goggles. ;) Am seriously out of shape and need to work out so I can dance longer. Loved the shorter hair when dancing. There was a random band that started playing aroun 11:45pm who were really good. Great music tonight, if a bit over crowded. Forgot to make Alan get pictures, but Lisette did, so those should suffice.

mmm...  bed...