November 7th, 2008


Hall bath change

So Metro Bath and Tile has completed all of their work on the Hall Bath. All our guests will be happy to know that the gross tub is gone, as well as the wallpaper. We still need to wash, spackle, sand and paint the walls, as well as install a mirror, but it is 10 times better already. You can see the little patch of glueless wall to the right of the sink. Now to decide on color. Alan is leaning towards the same green as our bath, but I'm thinking something lighter and warmer, what with no natural light and all.

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The final step was their electrician installing a new silent exhaust fan so now the only insanely loud fan is the one in the powder room (assuming you don't count the fish tanks.) We also need to replace the old switches and outlets as they are also busted, and the two switches don't even match. Perhaps I can convince Alan to do that this weekend.

Panel progress

Here is my progress so far on the embroidered panel for my mother-in-law. I've got the pink complete, as well as the sweetpea, and some other little buds, etc. I'm trying to figure out what to do next, but I'm also waiting on an order of silk thread with more greens in the Soie Perlee so I can work on the leaves and the folded pansy calyx too. I'm also debating on what colors to make the butterfly wings, because stripes there could be fun. I obviously need a larger hoop too in order to be able to work on the corners... Planning projects, I hate planning, so much easier to jump in, but then you have to deal with the unexpected that could be planned for.

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So, small baby steps, especially considering that the week before last was spent on my Halloween costume instead of embroidering.

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Still no solid plans for Crown. I'm heading down to Two Dog Hill tonight after rush hour, and will leave from there tomorrow morning towards site. Once I get on site it's anybody's guess what I might do.

See some of you there!

(neener neener melaniesuzanne !) ;D