November 10th, 2008



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Congratulations to Logan and Esa, Atlantia's new Prince and Princess. Though I do not know her, two Pennsics ago (now Princess) Esa earned a warm place in my heart with her lovely smile and fabulous sense of humor.
Congrats also to Vlad and Kalissa for making it to the finals. You are a joy to watch, and I had fun being your paparazzi. Thank you also for your wonderful hospitality during the day.

I was lucky enough to spend most of the day with Bera and Molly Wobbles hanging out, chatting, checking out the arts, and having a lovely time in court and later at dinner. (Gracie, I wouldn't have skipped your undoubtedly fabulous feast for anything less than my Bera's company, so my apologies, but I had to.) I got to braid Anneke's and Padraigin's hair, and visit with many many friends, though not everyone. The drive was worth it for the company alone, but the tourney was well fought, the weather was lovely, and folks looked fabulous.

I also was able to enjoy the colorful views on the various legs of my drives, admiring all the Fall leaves in their ranges of colors; yellows, oranges and reds with many spots of green still about. It was also a lovely part of the drives the past two weekends. I adore the Fall for the crispness on the air and the colors in abundance. I have a poster of the Virginia mountains in the Fall over my desk thanks to Virginia is for Lovers and Kirsten's acquiring it for me many years ago. I was also lucky enough to use Two Dog Hill as my way-station for crash space and company on Friday and Saturday nights, thus giving me more puppy love time and the chance to see the changes to the yard in person, as well as enjoy French toast for breakfast on Sunday. Hooray! Finally I spent my Sunday drive stopping at a few antique places and picking up the occasional gem, a cool plate that spoke to me and finding an old bread box to hide my snack counter contents within.

But I am so tired now. And it doesn't help that poor Alan essentially worked all weekend. He was on a work call for 13 hours on Saturday, 6 hours on Sunday, and was back on the phone this morning when I woke up to drag my tired butt into work. *pout*
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Thank you

After a wonderful weekend, I spent last night downloading pictures from the camera, and putting them on Flickr, but I was easily distracted by programming on the TV in preparations for Veteran's Day tomorrow. I watched a show on the Smithsonian Channel about the Vietnam War and Memorial called "Remembering Vietnam- The Wall at 25". I thought it was very well done, not just talking about the war itself and highlighting various veterans' experiences, but also their reception upon return, some veteran's struggles to integrate back into everyday life, and how the memorial has been helpful and healing. I loved the highlight of the various items and notes left behind at the memorial and how archiving them has become a full-time job for a vet from Vietnam. I also watched the end of Saving Private Ryan on TNT.

It reminded me that I haven't been to visit the various memorials since my middle school trip up here from Greensboro. It is truly a shame that I haven't seen the new WWII memorial, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Wall, etc. in the 10 years I've lived here. I adore the art museums and need to take time out for them too, but perhaps owe it to those who have served to honor their sacrifices by paying homage to the memorials. Obviously tomorrow is going to be insanely crowded, and I have to work, but soon I should schedule time to enjoy those. I didn't miss the USS Arizona Memorial, nor the Punchbowl Cemetery when I was in Honolulu, so why should the local memorials receive less of my attention?

Regardless of where I get in the future, I do want to take the time to thank those who have served and those who serve. Freedom is not free, and I appreciate your service and sacrifices.

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Purchasing PoF4 for a good cause

I just saw on the Plimoth Embroider's Story blog that Plimoth Plantation will be selling Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4. As with all purchases from the retail department of Plimoth, those profits will go towards Plimoth's programs, like the jacket project. So while this is not a fundraiser specifically for the jacket project, the jacket display will benefit from sales.

I plan to place my order soon!

PS: added bonus, the funds will still go to a good cause if you give your friends/parents/significant other this link for a gift for the holidays, assuming you are patient.