November 20th, 2008

crazy, upside down, feet


Got a call from the kitchen contractors and our new kitchen cabinets are in. Yay!

They hope to deliver them tomorrow and start work on installation on Monday. Looks like we'll have to spend some time clearing out the kitchen this weekend. I think the most important thing will be installing the coffee maker in the guest bathroom. I might want to pick up some paper plates and bowls so we don't have to worry about dishes for a couple of weeks. Hmm, now that we have a dining room light, perhaps I can add a power cord towards the dining room table for snacks, microwave, toaster, etc. That might work. I hope the fridge can remain plugged in and just shifted as necessary for the workers convenience. Hmm, should clean up behind the fridge, (eek) and stove for that matter. Oh, and  need to go shopping for a new over the range microwave...


At least I asked for tomorrow off to attempt to fight this cold, run some errands and relax. Dunno how much of that I'll actually get done, but hopefully I can at least renew the driver's license and catch a nap.