November 21st, 2008



Happy Birthday stringmonkey  and niece #1!

Alan closed the drapes this morning, and I slept in until 10:30am. It was awesome. I also had a dream that my friends Tom and Dan were able to get married on the 10th anniversary of their civil union, but then it was happening at a Renaissance Faire, the wedding party was in some grand procession and things got weird. But I did have happiness upon waking at their happiness in each other.

On my list of stuff to accomplish this weekend is:
  • renew DL at MVA
  • drop off old mirror, lights, etc at Salvation Army
  • IKEA trip for mirror and shower curtain
  • purchase OTR microwave and new disposal
  • test drive bugs(?)
  • groceries
  • finish washing hall bath walls
  • clean and empty kitchen

But first I need to shower, grab a book and check off item #1.

See folks at Holiday Faire tomorrow.

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Alan talked to his Mom last night. She seems to be doing well, considering, and is already doing PT for her new hip. Apparently she needs to remember to take the vicodin before the PT, but other than that and her annoyance at having to sleep on her back, she is doing well.

He had actually brought up to his older brother about the couch and seating in her apartment in general, and while David capitulated that she's had trouble getting up from any seating, but the old soft low couch likely doesn't help. They both agreed that bringing in professionals to inspect her home environment is a good idea. And when Alan talked to his mom he brought up the softness of the couch to her and our concerns, and she admitted that she had moved a better/higher seat, which she padded out, for her recent TV viewing and reading, which means she is aware of the problem and its effects on her health. So with any luck, once she is mobile and recovered, there might be a new couch in her future, which would be wonderful and a nice relief off my mind.

Apparently she was also complaining that one guy who had the same surgery as her on the same day was up and moving on a walker the next day, and she admitted to being a bit confused and jealous. Then she said that it probably helped that he was 30 years younger than her. You think? She's so funny.

Thanks guys for your help, especially Leofwynne who's wording I forwarded to Alan in an email to give him a push and talking points.