November 24th, 2008



Okay, so Friday I mainly accomplished the renewal of my driver's license (an hour wait, but time to read Wicked) with a really terribly washed out picture, a nap, and a start on emptying the kitchen. But Alan did take me out for dinner so I could get some yummy stone ground grits at the Old Hickory Grille, and then home to watch a movie in the basement.

Saturday was a lovely birthday of sleeping in a bit, breakfast in bed (best Alan evar!), a fun time at the event hanging out with frineds, a call from the parents, dinner out afterward with sircorby , theblueleader , and Caleb, with the Griffith's nearby, vanilla bean cheesecake, and being sung to by cathgrace 's darlings before getting on the road home. Shopping wise, I picked up some more silk for embroidery, specifically green for the leaves on my MIL's panel, got a copy of caemfind 's knitting patterns, a lovely hand made bronze needle by nq3x , and some weaving stuff from Ursula's Alcove.

Sunday was a big day of accomplishment as we:
  • purchased an OTR microwave and new disposal
  • Alan finished washing and patching the hall bath walls
  • cleaned and emptied the kitchen cabinets and counters
  • and did 4 loads of laundry
Alas, I didn't get to test drive any bugs, nor make the Salvation Army run. But I realized that we'll have more stuff for donation after the kitchen is done like our old working microwave, a pile of unused stuff from the bowels of the kitchen cabinets, and maybe even the mushroom lights from the kitchen, and lord only know what else I have sitting around waiting to be donated. Or, if anyone wants/needs:
  • a microwave (works fine even if 20 years old),
  • some hall light fixtures,
  • some inverted mushroom light fixtures,
  • an old panel mirror (~42"x36") with just a little blips around the edges,
  • a pale gray cotton shower curtain,
  • some translucent sage green window panels (54" long?),
  • some old coffee mugs, plastic pitchers, an old broiling pan, sports bottles, salad spinner (though Theo will likely want me to keep that), and gosh knows what else I dig up...
The above items can be delivered to anyone in need at Unevent, but otherwise will likely go to the Salvation Army.
Oh, and I plan to do the IKEA run and maybe some groceries after work this evening.

We got the wonderful Kirsten for company last night, and she is currently diligently working away on painting the hall bath. We finally settled on Behr's Himalayan Mist, which should be a subtle tinge of blue, hopefully bright and cheery, but also calm and soothing. I also left the contractor from Long Fence and Home happily ripping out our old cabinets, so I can't wait to see how far he gets when I get home tonight.
busy, busy...