November 25th, 2008


yet more pictures

A better picture of the bathroom blue:
1108-home2 008

Cabinets done, now we wait for countertops and plumbing:
1108-home2 001

Of course now the kitchen paint color looks terrible, so we need to contemplate painting it. Alan's thinking green, but I'm thinking more of that pale blue. I wonder how it would coordinate with the Oh Bother Blue from the powder room...


For those looking to upgrade...

In hopes of continuing the advice, for those who want it, I'd like to post my version of what sircorby's post should have been...

For those looking for tips on how to update their SCA kit and appearance, here are some
Best, Easilest Easy Things To Avoid or Remove from your SCA Kit

The idea here is to note the things that
1) too many people do,
and/or are too often seen
2) Are easy or cheap to change or avoid,
3) are in no way medieval
nor add to the ambiance of events
4) do not constitute a health or safety concern.
Feel free to chime in!

  • Ring Belts. I've never seen an example of one of these in period. Belts have real buckles. Woven belts and belts with buckles or other closures are more useful and more accurate. If you are buying a belt, you might want to look into ones with even a simple buckle. If you have an old ring belt, and wish to convert it to a buckled belt, any armorer/leather-worker/fighter with an armour repair kit can likely aide you if you ask.
  • T shirts whose collars are visible under your tunic. Get an undertunic, or a v neck t if you must.
  • Tankard Holders. These are from the 1970's Renn Faire Period.
  • More than 2 favors on your belt. Some people look like rag merchants from so many. I think the main point here is to not leave every favor ever acquired on a belt and to simply tie on that belt unceremoniously each event. This can lead to a belt of tattered favors that may leave them looking more like rags than the tokens they started out as. Favors are meant to be personal, a tie to a person, land, Crown or household. No one can dictate what you wear, but think of the intent of the token when you wear it. If you insist on wearing the badge of your barony or shire, take care of it and place it upon your person with purpose. Take care of and archive older favors so that their beauty and honor are maintained. And each favor, ritual accessory and/or item of regalia should be worn with contemplation of the meaning it holds internally and the meaning is displays to others.

Note, truly helpful suggestions of, and ideally possible solutions to, common pitfalls that newcomers and seasoned participants fall into are cheerfully accepted. No trolls allowed.

One example is white trainers or sneakers. Head and Toe are sometimes the hardest areas to get right easily. Assuming your sneakers aren't required for your health, contemplate darker shoes that will at least blend better. If you are up to experimenting, sharpies or shoe-black can help disguise obviously modern shoes. Spats are another suggestion, and one often implemented by our fighters. One other option is to use less supportive shoes with supportive insoles. Keep in mind the activities you plan to do, from standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables, to sitting and teaching someone to knit, when you consider your footwear. I personally have a variety of footwear options in my closet from the basic china flats and black merrel-like slip-on shoes to modern leather mary-janes, purchased medieval shoes off the rack, and custom reproductions.
There are options for almost all budgets.