December 8th, 2008


sca administrivia

We survived Unevent. Had a fun ride down in a bus full of friends, and made it to all the meetings on my list. I managed to make my own fun in the order meetings, but the MOL meeting was most enjoyable, and informative. Since Troll will soon be the sole source for waiver compliance at events, I'm sure I'm not alone in recommending that Troll training and waiver compliance be standardized. Folks, do everyone a favor and check in at troll before doing anything else at an event.

ccunning , I was wrong and did not have any good pictures of butterflies on my laptop. Strangely in the other embroideries I had pictures of, only two others had butterflies and they look very different from the ones on the jacket. Oh well.

Attended Curia and still think I only got half of it. Tournament of Chivalry and Summer UofA will be unprotected events, but what happened to Crusades? Was it ended or also simple unprotected? Did the East also end Crusades on their end?
Some stuff was changed to allow groups, in addition to official branches, host kingdom level events. The idea is that a household or order could host and run an event without the need of their own bank account, and use the kingdom's account instead. The result is that all proceeds go to the kingdom as well, with no branch sharing in the proceeds.
Aw crap, i can't remember what else (except the mol requirement change that we won't discuss) so feel free to jog my memory.

I passed my gold star to baronessadriana  for doing a great job running the GD meeting. Passed the salad spinner off to isenglass  where it will hopefully again find purpose. Passed stuff to theblueleader  that might help with the exposed guest bath window.

Had a tasty dinner with friends afterward surrounded by pretty lights, and chatted with kpyke  and theodorad  on the drive home to keep the driver awake, only verbally picking on the sleeping passengers.

Sunday saw Alan as a "very useful tank-engine" as he swapped out the ugly inverted mushrooms in the kitchen with our new light fixtures, as well as the light in the laundry area, and then went to help rolanddem  with demolition and construction in his basement. Meanwhile I kidnapped Theo and we headed down to lisette_1528 's place for a fun paperwork party with theceridwen  and simona_della . That was really fun, much like doing dishes is more fun when you are with friends and happily singing along. Good times.

Now sleepy, time for bed.

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