December 10th, 2008

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Foods and Feasts Feature

Just goes to show that attack_laurel  is truly a rock star!
The November 2008 Visitor Gazette to the Williamsburg area hosted an article on their front page featuring Jamestown's Foods and Feasts, and we got to see AoD's mug smiling back at us from Page 1.

She's quoted as saying:
"I love talking to the public. I like explaining the culture of the 17th century to people. The material culture of the era is interesting to people. It's what people focus on, and this is a way of tying that in to the history of the colony."

Full article in PDF format.

Although Cindy just laughed when, as Jimmy directed, I asked her why she was choking the chicken...

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Day without a Gay

Today, on the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, some are standing up for Gay Rights and Same Sex Marriage. Some have called in "sick" for Day without a Gay in order to show the impact of the LGBT community. I am at work, and while I'm not certain this is the best form of protest, it does no harm and if it gets the message across I am for it. As I stated before, I am completely for same sex marriage and equal rights under law.  So, while sometimes I feel there is little I can do, this is one thing I can do:

Hello my friends and readers,

I’m writing you today to help me achieve full equality for all Americans. December 10th is Human Rights Day, on which gay Americans and straight allies across the nation will participate in the Day without a Gay action. I’ve committed to writing to as many straight allies as possible to help spread the word about how we can help in the fight for equality.

Most Americans share the deeply-held belief that all people are created equal, and thus, all people should be treated equally. Many Americans do not realize that millions of people in this country – committed partners in relationships, and parents and children -- are in fact not being treated equally. How discrimination harms lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender partners, parents and their children is simply not on people's radar. It’s essential that more people become aware of this ongoing injustice.

Please join Atticus Circle, a national non-profit organization which educates and mobilizes straight Americans to advance equal rights for LGBT partners, parents and their families. If you don't feel like joining, do take the time to read over their educational materials and possibly acquaint yourself with another facet of the issue.

By joining Atticus Circle, you can add your voice to those straight Americans who believe it is time to stand up and stand with our gay and lesbian friends who are being systematically denied the most basic rights and recognition – the very things we, in the heterosexual world, take for granted day after day. It is time for all children, regardless of their parents’ sexual orientation, to share the same rights and protections. And it is time for our country to acknowledge that the right to love a partner, be a parent and build a family is a fundamental and equal right for each and every one of us.

I need your help to win this “civil rights battle rooted in love.” Atticus Circle needs you to add your voice to the growing number of our friends who say, “This just isn’t right.”

Thank you for standing up for equal rights with me.

Atticus Circle has a blog you can follow for updates, and a website with more information on the founder, mission and cause. Even if you don't join, please find the time to read over the info provided.