December 19th, 2008


snotty and swamped

Skipped a work happy hour and a friends gathering last night since my throat was sore and I was tired. Napped after work from 5:30-7:30pm, before getting active enough to finish the last load of laundry and working on a knit present for Niece #1.

I got this cool looking ribbon-y yarn in a color she said she liked last year, and my first test knit was terrible, but then I discovered cool instructions on the inside of the label, so I tried them, and then I decided that the ruffly pattern would look cooler oriented the other way. So I ripped it out again, but now it is coming along, if slowly due to the funky treatment to the yarn. If this works out well, I have the same stuff in variegated pink shades to knit up for Niece #2.

I still need to do Christmas cards either tonight or this weekend, as well as knit for the nieces, possibly embroider for my Mother in Law, and we should re-hang pictures and decorations in the kitchen, not to mention change the calendar from Nov. to Dec. I should also order our 2009 calendars for work, but I'm not sure I remember which ones I chose for Alan last time so I don't duplicate. And of course my head is still filled with snot and all I want to do is nap and/or vege in front of the tv. Oh, and the bathrooms could use a cleaning too.

But, I did cook in my new kitchen on Wednesday! Since we went out for dinner after practice on Tuesday, and I knew Kirsten would have been painting all day on Wed, I had a feeling that dinner at home would be in order. After Kirsten was done with her painting clean-up, Alan prepared a blue martini for her and I tidied up our tub so she could have a relaxing soak before dinner. Then I whipped up some marinara sauce with smoked turkey sausage and some pasta for a sit-down dinner at our dining room table. Then we all food-coma'd out and I got the last episode of Stylista over with and bed called our names in sweet seductive tones.

I could be convinced to make today an early day from work. I have to run by the CVS to pick up an Rx and some photos, before hitting the chiropractor (who is open at 3, hmmm) and collapsing at home.