December 22nd, 2008



  • I got the first wave of Christmas cards done. Picked up stamps at the pharmacy (after getting medicine for icky persistent cold from heck) and mailed them out this AM.
  • Put most of decorations back in the kitchen, hooray and homey.
  • Decorated the railing between the kitchen and den for Christmas with garland and lights, and hung Christmas cards in their traditional space.
  • After some friendly taunting, organized the take-out menu stack.
  • Made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for us after Alan was mostly done with his Saturday outdoor chores.
  • Picked up pictures from CVS, have a stack to send to MIL, framed some of Hawaii sunrises and sunsets to put in the spa-like guest bath, put some more in my photo-brag book, and have some of the pink lotus to frame and place somewhere...
  • Calendar has been replaced and changed from Nov. to Dec. Talked to my parents, they are sending a new Hawaii calendar... ohhh...
    • As an aside, my little sister survived the Honolulu Marathon in about 4.5 hours. She averaged 11 minute miles.
    • Josh has graduated with his BS in Chemistry, though he refused to be pictured in his cap and gown.
    • My parents had a fun day touring the North Shore yesterday (called me during a Starbuck's break),
    • Dad has plans to golf today at the Turtle Bay resort and
    • Mom plans to play on her amazing new Kamaka baritone ukulele (the same brand Jake Shimabukuro plays) and has had some fun lessons, attended a concert and can now play Israel's Over the Rainbow, Wipe Out, and something else she mentioned.
    • So jealous.
  • calendars ordered for 2009 for Alan and I's work offices.
  • Finished knitting T's ruffle scarf, but I think I need to go back and undo the last two rows and refinish it. Over half way into B's ruffle scarf. At 7 and 9 they are smaller and have smaller necks, right?