December 24th, 2008


Happy Holidays!

I woke up hearing BNL's Hanukhah song on the radio. It was very lovely, and best wishes to the Jewish fishes...

Merry Christmas Everyone!
1208-xmastree 003

Alan and I will have a lovely dinner out (somewhere, I should see if he's made reservations), hopefully some driving around and tack hunting, ended ideally by a candlelight service, again somewhere. Tomorrow we'll have our traditional lounge about in flannel jammies, eat unhealthy foods, watch movies and bum about. Then Friday we are off for a visit down to some friends in Charlotte, and then with older sis and the nieces for the weekend. We'll come back home on Monday, and head down to Two Dog Hill for New Years Eve with friends.

I'm thinking of hosting a Split Pea Soup dinner for those who like that stuff on Tuesday. Anyone local interested?