December 31st, 2008


Christmas catch-up

Had a fun Christmas and Christmas weekend. Too much fun, so bulletted list it is:
  • Christmas Eve dinner with Roland and Theo at Timpano's, and some tack surfing on the drive home.
  • Sleeping in Christmas Day, opening presents, yummy breakfast, watching DVDs and a nice walk to view neighborhood lights
  • Getting on the road much later than anticipated heading south
  • Wonderful dinner with Tom, Courtney, Tracie and Chris, tasty lasagna, cute pets, oud playing, up too late chatting
  • Made it to Willard's guest house around 3am.
  • Slept in, made it over to hang out with family, blondemuse , nieces and friends in Conover, delicious adult dinner out at the Artist's Cafe in Newton (amazing food!) and home to watch Hot Fuzz, (far more entertaining than I imagined!)
  • Got to play with Kaylee, Asia and Pounce on Friday, and Layla, Paris and Darby the rest of the weekend.
  • Slept in again, went warehouse browsing with Clint and Mer, and an attempt to find Brandy Extract turned into buying Port for the sauce, and the guys.
  • Helped with Carl and Mer's bold dinner attempt of yummy steaks with Port-cream sauce, vegetables (asparagus and brussel sprouts with bacon, butter, cheese, and pine nuts), and creme brule for dessert. (yay, fire!)
  • Finished the visit with a breakfast at IHOP, found the perfect sofa for Courtney, eventually retrieved it and realized that Alan and I had completely made up a chair that wasn't there, and delivered sofa to its new home.
  • Had some of the best vegetable beef soup evar, and more time chatting and hanging out with Tom and Courtney.
  • On the road much later than planned, but perfect timing for a nice dinner at Kayhill's in South Hill, before getting home around midnight.
  • Home to snuggly bed!
Had fun finishing taking pictures of the neighborhood lights last night, and uploading them to Flickr:
1208-xmaslites 001

And took a few outside pictures of Willard's (for anyone who's heard me mention his place) and the cozy Guest Nest we were fortunate to stay in.

And soon we are off to a fun New Year's Eve party at Two Dog Hill. Hooray!