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 No University for me this weekend. I'm off to Mel's bridal shower of great pinkness instead. Sorry to miss seeing folks there, but I'm sure you'll all have a great time. I've passed some pictures and class notes to Branwen so she can carry the Plimoth project presentation without my presence.

Despite the doctor visit on Friday and feeling much less coughy and hacky, I'm still not 100%. I took Monday off to rest up, and was forced to take Wednesday off due to a spasming back and a visit to the chiropractor and some quality time on muscle relaxers. Today was spent in meetings, made possible by a thermacare lower back heat wrap to control the pain. I skipped the lure of a fabulous dinner with wonderful company downtown in lieu of some fleece, a nap and some cereal. Sorry to miss dinner out folks.

A random thanks to lisettelaroux  for the IKEA DVD box idea, I did rethink the problem, and found out that some of the IKEA DVD boxes do in fact work for our basement DVD storage problem, without the lids. And luckily since it is a piece of IKEA furniture, I could try out the boxes in the lack bookshelf and ensure they fit before purchase. Hooray. So, on Tuesday I swung by IKEA on the way home from work, and we now have 6 red DVD storage boxes to help expand the DVD storage in the basement that keenly go with the red couch. 

See, I did something useful this week. 
I also went by JoAnn's to pick up size 3 dpn's to get started on the stockings for Plimoth, since some yarn came for me in the mail. I hope the heel is as easy as it looks, and that second sock syndrome doesn't hit me too hard.
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