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 Blearghhhhh... Braaaiiinnnssss, Braii-ugh, wha? Ogh. Braaaaiiiinnnzzzzzz...  (translation: iz zombie, still sick)

But I came home and sifted through our recycle paper pile and pulled out all the political propaganda mailings. Alan's usually good about clearing this area out prior to guests, so the longest these could have been sitting there is a month and a half. 
11 for Donna Edwards, 7 for Albert Wynn
The best part was the 2 identical mailings from the Sierra Club for Donna Edwards. For Shame! 3 came from a group called Maryland WOMEN VOTE! for her. And 6 fine mailings came from her own group Donna Edwards for Congress. Mr. Wynn only sent 3 from his own campaign, and the other 4 came from Realtors Political Action Committee. I believe all of them will get angry messages back.

I also went pawing through ealdthryth's green posts and found a link for that reduces your junk mail and plants trees on your behalf. Now this will be worth the money if they reduce my hassle and stuff to recycle. Reduce does come first in the mantra.
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