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bad movie, no popcorn!

Dear SciFi Channel,

I admit I was interested when I saw the menu listing for a movie called Grendel showing. I wish I had read your IMDB entry before changing the channel. While I can forgive clown make-up on one of the women, and puffy sleeved princess dresses on the others, and I can forgive truly bad acting (because honestly SciFi, experience has taught me it's not your strong point), and I can forgive the invention of the crossbow by Beowolf... But what I can't forgive, what I could not get beyond that raised my blood pressure and made my eyes pop, was the use of cow-horns on helmets to distinguish Beowolf and his troops. There are many things we don't know about the past, but we are fairly certain that with all that is known that they didn't put freaking cow horns on their freaking helmets. argh!

Thank you for encouraging me to turn off the TV and pick up a book. I'm only glad I subjected myself no longer than 10 minutes.

No love,
Tags: costume, tv, whining

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