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Friday night, after battling traffic to get home, Alan was disinclined to want to leave the house. So I picked up dinner from Harry's, and we snuggled in at home and went to bed a little early.

Saturday, I slept in late, Alan made brunch, and then we went out to the Men's Wearhouse to look into replacing some of his dress shirts and his charcoal gray suit. Sadly, there was badness at work, and he took a few calls at the store, and then we headed home so he could head into work. So poor Alan was at work from around 3 until 10ish. I thought about going out for some shopping errands on my own, but decided to conserve gas and money and stay home to read, watch tv and nap. Belatedly I headed over to Roland and Theo's for an indescribable evening of muppetry and alcohol. I confess I liked the Mhanamana alcoholic purple kool-aid, but eventually deferred to my signature Janice, a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Peep art was created (I claim the Marie Antoin-peep before and after, Buffy the Vampeep slayer, and Zompeeps), sugary snacks were imbibed, as well as savory tasty nibbles, Muppets were watched, music was sung along to, Hobbes the Fuzzy Loofa was played with while Ninja-Kitty hid, inner Muppets were more or less assigned, and a good time was had by all. Alan confessed his father's affinity for the Muppets, which helped explain Alan's otherwise inexplicable advanced Muppet knowledge. You learn something new everyday. It was a great evening spent with friends.

Sunday was more sleeping in, relaxing, watching DIY tv, reading and in general spending time snuggled deep in my comfy chair. I finally finished reading Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley, which was great once I got beyond the first 50 pages. In general I think she does better with young female voices, but she made it work for a teenage male voice this time. Quite an enjoyable read in my opinion.

Oh, and not surprisingly my inner muppet is Janice...
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