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shoes! glorious shoes!

Today was fine at work, but I did get distracted and stay a little late. I meant to swing by a place on my way home that has a sign in the window about replacing watch batteries, but some douche was in the way so I couldn't make the turn without endangering those around me. Ah well, I drive by the place everyday, perhaps tomorrow. Then I was going to run by Target to look at frames and some other stuff, but then remembered that I left the pictures needing frames are at home and I haven't taken any notes on the sizes of frames needed. So I decide to just head directly home and do those errands later. Retail opportunity averted.

But then I got home and there were two packages waiting for me at home.
Hooray! Results of virtual retail therapy!

When Alan looked askance at the pile I said "Shopping online saves on gas in the truck!" To that he could only shake his head and sigh. Sadly about half of the stuff from Old Navy will be sent back, but will ultimately save me money, so no big. But I had also gone a bit bonkers ordering shoes from I meant to go back and check on these drool worthy cranberry patent wedges from Kenneth Cole, and see if there were any boots that might work for my costume this weekend. But then I had to check out the sale area and find some gorgeous patent peep-toe pumps from Rampage, and some silly flats from Sugar.

OMG, Squeee the awesome! Yes, while I'm sending half of the ON stuff back, I am totally keeping the 4 new pairs of foot coverings and adding them to my collection.

Drool worthy, aren't they? The heel is much cooler in person.

See? Gorgeous! Not too high of a heel, but sharp just the same.

I am a happy Gen. Now to plan an outfit for tomorrow that will incorporate one of my new purchases...
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