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I rarely write about work here, mainly because I can't imagine what would be interesting enough to share to those outside of the distance education verse.

But last Friday I got asked to come assist with some video testing in the morning, without being given a specific job. So, when I walked in, I asked them what they wanted me to do. I help set-up the backdrop, and they ask if I'd mind being on camera to test the set-up, teleprompter, lighting, etc. I agreed, but no, I won't give you a link to the video. It was just reading information off of a teleprompter about network layers, etc. The end product was only 3 minutes, but took two hours of set-up, testing, tweaking the lights, the text in the prompter, the prompter speed, etc. Also, it must be the lights, but the top of my head pre-hair dye looks very gray. yeesh. The end result of the project is that I ended up volunteering with importing and setting up the scripts into the teleprompter for our actual content experts, as well as draw up a document for teleprompter tips. I guess it is not that surprising I got cast as the voice since my accent is fairly generic, and my other project team members are from Brazil, China, and the lady spending all the time behind the camera. eh.

So, cut to today when I got asked if I'd perform a narration for a set of Captivate slides for a project. Luckily this would be over other video, not of me, just my voice. I guess with the two main coworkers on that being from India and Brazil, I could see them wanting my generic voice again.

But then I got asked by different coworker if I'd be willing to do another narration for a project of hers. She'd be using the TV Studio folks for a more professional audio capture. I do hope that is voice only too.

And now we've scheduled a time next Friday to do more video testing since we have hopefully figured out the bugs and can work on some of the other aspects. I should probably bring in or wear a little make-up to help define my eyes and lips at the least.

Apparently, though I'm not a fan of my recorded voice, my coworkers are and now I'm getting tasks left and right that just require my diction. Odd.
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