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I think the joke is on me. I could have sworn that I slept fine last night. I even overslept this morning by more than a fair bit. But alas, my body still thinks it needs 8 more hours of sleep given the uncontrollable yawning I've been participating in this morning.
mnyah mnyah... yaaaawwn.

So I completely forgot to mention the wittle mousie party crasher we had on Saturday. And I completely regret that I didn't take a picture of her clutched in attack_laurel's claws before she was set free in the park. Stupid stupid Gen.
So last week I had heard some disturbing chit chit noises from behind my comfy chair, but I wasn't sure what it was and brief investigations turned up nothing. Friday night, as Alan is poking at the den tank, this brazen little hussy of a mouse streaks right out in front of his feet and dashes across the hallway to retreat to the basement. Huh? says I. Oh well, I'll worry about her later. Naturally she is spotted a few times at the party zipping here and there earning nicknames from Speedy Gonzales to Mighty Mouse, given the party theme. Mina Harker eventually traps her in my laundry room and attempts to lure her to capture with pieces of cheese. Sadly, some of us are drunken idiots and keep checking on her, usually just when the mouse is almost within grasping range. Eventually Mina succeeds and brings a cute little dark gray mousie face to me captured firmly in her hands to ask for judgment on the mouse's fate. I cannot condemn her to death merely for crashing our party and following her instincts, and leave her fate in the hands of her captor. (I secretly wanted to cage her and keep her as a pet, but that would have been a bad idea no doubt.) Mina and Jekyll choose to release Speedy in the park across the street and down the road a bit, hoping she will return to life as a field mouse and bring tales of the big scary house that no one wants to visit to her friends. Again, I'm sorry I didn't think to get a picture.

It is probably a good idea to mention, that despite her obviously evil nature, attack_laurel has Disney Princess like powers over animals. All domestic animals love her, and I mean LOVE her! Maxie and Markie clamber to be near her for possible ear scratching. She has the power to lure skittish kittens and lost dogs to safety, and even squirrels, bunnies and other furry wild creatures to nearness for her own amusement. I'm fairly certain that no one could have caught and removed that mouse but the attack_laurel. Perhaps she should start a cute furry pest control business/ wildlife rescue service.

Oh, and I had pinned great hopes on Markie's ability to track the mouse, but apparently with a house full of people and a buffet table to stalk, Markie couldn't care less about the mouse in our house.

Perhaps a more fitting name for the party crasher is Die Fleeter Maus.
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