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Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Today Barney arrived to start the demolition on our master bath before it is made into pretty pretty remodeledness.
knock knock knock knock bang smash jigga jigga riiiippppppp.....
Barney has no idea how much I'd rather be helping him, but the bathroom is small, I'd just make a mess, my back and arms really don't need the abuse, I'm finally on antibiotics for this bleck I've been fighting/succumbing to, I have to work, and well, he's the professional. It was fun to see parts of our bathroom troop out the front door piece by piece as I was checking in online and tracking down the Rx from the back-up doctor and the pharmacy to see where it was. sigh.

This evening we fly out to Boston (staying in Braintree) for two nights, and then on to Plimoth Plantation for more embroidery and some visiting with my MIL. I've got a small stack of print pictures of our sailing expedition to pass onto her, which I know she'll appreciate. (Reminds me, I still need to make a disc of pictures from Jan and March for my Mom.) Hopefully this will be a nice relaxing, fun, and invigorating break and I'll come back a little sore but rested. That's my plan anyways. Can't wait to see our list of items in the MFA. Me, my camera and my back-up batteries and memory-card, and notebook are totally ready. Must contain drool. I really hope those pink, green and gold garters are sprang, but they could be a simple braided pattern. We'll see!

I am packed and ready to go. I did most of my packing last night, and have clothes, activity bag (knitting, embroidery, reading, camera), directions to places, and toiletries. Oh, and my wallet in case I forgot anything. One of the other small pluses to having our bathroom remodel starting a few days early is that it will go on for 3 days when I'm not home to have to get up early, and use the hall bath, etc. If I'm really lucky (and Barney's really good) it will all be complete to my satisfaction (aside from the back-ordered light) before Sapphire. I won't count on it, but that would be awesome.
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