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Am so very tired. Even after a nice lunch sitting outside in the shade enjoying the breeze, want a nap. Only, want a nap in the shade with breezes. Very tempting to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon and go read a bit in the backyard and watch the birds and chipmunks and squirrels frolic, as well as actually catch the waterlilies in bloom. So very tempting.

But at least I get to sleep in this weekend. Hopefully I won't go as hard-core as I did on Memorial Day, sleeping in until 1pm, but sleeping in until 9am would be nice. snuggly bed of doom. For the first weekend since March 22nd, I am not going out of town, to an in-town event, prepping the house for a party, or otherwise volunteering/working away from home. I plan to enjoy it, and perhaps be a bit productive about the house. Or maybe I'll just bond more with the comfy chair. comfy chair of doom.

I would like to slip in a bit of car shopping though. For a month or more I've been contemplating getting a commuting vehicle for myself. I love my truck, but I've been looking at used, cheap, gas-efficient but reliable vehicles online. Earlier this week Alan poked the newest issue of Wired at me, especially their cover article: Inconvenient Truths: Get Read to Rethink What it Means to Be Green, that provided very interesting food for thought. (I'm not moving into a city, we/family already farms trees, I'm okay with nuclear power and genetic engineering, and have only ever owned a used car.) Last night I asked Alan to log into Consumer Reports and I researched the cars I had found interesting, as well as did some more Autotrader searches based on their recommendations. I figured if I could double my gas-mileage, that's essentially cutting my gas bill in half, and would save wear and tear on my truck for when her capacity is truly needed. So I've found a few deals I want to check out, most in Fairfax/Falls Church areas, but one up in Baltimore. Will also need to call/go online to the insurance company and get quotes on insuring the rough possibilities I have in mind. It could make a particular brand/car a deal breaker, but I am looking at '98-'02's so nothing brand new. Some people have children, some cats, some dogs, we have an army of fish and I want a fleet of cars. Is that too much to ask? I wasn't thinking of moving to NYC, especially now after the crane crash, so I do have room for my fleet, to a point.

On another front, I've got tickets for Alan and I to go see Blondie up in Baltimore next week. Should be fun, we'll get some time together, and we'll check out a new venue. Anyone else interested, it is general admission and we'll see you there.

Now to go back to pondering plans for the Pas in a few weeks...
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